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Dennis (Fat Bastard) Geraghty
Drums, back Vocals, other misc noises (sometimes unpleasant smelling)

Born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago Music was always a priority for me. But not until I was around 14-15 and I got my 1st drum set was it a mission. Quickly I became obsessed! Practicing was always a chore because we lived in an apartment and my drums were stored at my grandparent's house about 6 miles away! But as often as I could I played. My 1st band (conquest) well….. we were not very good but insisted on going to a recording studio and laying down our originals. Although very rough it was a great learning experience. There were many band names throughout high school but it was always the same basic people Brian, Kenn, and I. Then college came and off Brian ran to study nuclear physics or something like that and that was about it for the "band" days. I did work with a few other bands here and there. I ran sound for Heavy Ledden, played drums in SXN, and a few others that I dare not mention. After that I got married and that was the end of my musical career. 12 years later 2 kids and 1 divorce I decided I needed to do what I wanted to do! So back into music I went. A short time later Scott, Kenn, and I hooked up to jam. The rest is history! We started jamming regularly and then through Scott we recruited Jeff. That basically brings you to today! Oh ya I am a computer technician working mainly on ATM machines and Retail systems in my spare time! ;-)
Lead Vocals

Chris was found on the side of the road clutching a blanket in one hand and a bottle of Jose Cuervo in the other. This story would be more interesting if the webmaster actually got something about Chris so he's left to just making crap up as he goes along...
Dave Loper (Da New Guy)
Guitar, Vocals

Hailing from the far south side long time veteran of the Chicago cover band scene Dave Loper is located just blocks from the Cover Story Secret band enclave. Go figure. Small world. Dave brings another voice and another guitar to the evolving lineup of Cover Story. Starting back better than a decade ago Dave has been a featured player in several wildly popular bands. With an aggressive guitar style and solid vocals (both lead and harmony) Dave promises to bring a new dimension to the band as well as an energetic stage presence.
Kenn Keyser
Bass, Backing Vocals, Large Automated Weapons

Kenn, was born under a bad sign...and hasn't been good since. At the onset of his teen years his parents thought it a good idea to give him a Christmas gift that he had been begging for since early that June! A Les Paul knock-off guitar. Kenn had no idea how to hold the thing let alone play it, so his parents paid for lessons. After about 4 or 5 lessons he drove his guitar instructor to the edge of insanity, which forced the instructor to abruptly cease showing up for the lessons and apparently shell-shocked him so badly that he could not even pick up a telephone. So, armed with his extensive instruction, Kenn began to learn what he could and where he could.

Kenn helped his brother Dennis and best friend Brian start a band, the name of which is unimportant. After a short time had passed, the band saw a need for a bass guitarist...Much the same way Cover Story did, so long story short--Kenn took up the low-end to complete the band! Proving once again that there is more than corn in Indiana!

Anyway, 17 years later, Kenn ventured down the guitar lesson road again...and damned if that road didn't end with a Bass guitar in his hand again! Now in the prime of his life Kenn has finally made his musical dreams come true when he hits the stage with his best friend, his brother and the best damn singer that didn't have too much to do!
Scott Leisten
Guitars, Vocals, Spontaneous Feedback

1974 was a good year for music - Journey signed their first record deal with Columbia Records, bands such as The Talking Heads and The Ramones first formed. Albums such as Get your wings (Aerosmith), On the Border (Eagles), War Child (Jethro Tull), Rocka Rolla (Judas Priest), Rush (Rush), and Hotter than Hell (Kiss) were all released that year. Songs such as "Sweet Home Alambama" (Lynard Skynard), "The Ocean" (Led Zeppelin), "I Shot the Sheriff" (Eric Clapton), and "The Joker" (Steve Miller Band) were all topping the Billboard charts.

It was that time, and that place that got this guitarist on the road to Rockdom. Growing up in the ruff and rugged town of Forest Park, Illinois and walking those mean streets gave me a purpose. A strict professional by nature working in fields such as, criminal justice, marketing, advertising, sales, and even business management. All the while, still holding on to that dream of standing up on stage with my 6-string in my hands. Always being devoted to any music in general, my playing days didn't begin until late in my life. The guitar and music it made became a passion, commanding a devotion unlike any setting I've known yet. Only playing for approximately 15 months now, it's been a constant struggle to get better quickly. Playing has become a natural act, and is now a mainstay in my life.

Getting together with a great group of guys and a good bunch of musicians has been a blessing in disguise. Only having 3 weeks to get ready for our first show demanded a lot of time and commitment from all band members, and the work was long and tedious, but finally paid off at our first show.

Keep an eye open cause you'll all be seeing a lot more of Cover Story around the Chicagoland area!!!!

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